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Speechact-based Case Management

Case-Management Systems support interactions among cooperating users by providing a commonly accessible data repository. In this project we investigate how the support for these interactions can be improved by using speech acts. Speech Act theory describes the pragmatic aspects of communicative acts. Thereby, utterances are classified as different speech acts (like "question", "promise", "order", etc.) according to the intention of the speaker. The speaker is well aware of this intention, but a case-management system is typically not.

In this project we investigate how this intention can be made explicit to a case- management system with minimal additional effort. The goal is to reuse the speech-act related information for inferences like work lists or reminders.

To determine realistic requirements for speech-act support we investigate typical workflows of knowledge workers from different domains. In addition, we analyse the types of support that are already available in current ACM (Adaptive Case Management) and groupware systems. The goal is to derive an architecture for a speech-act-based ACM system.

Project manager:
Prof. Dr. Richard Lenz

Project participants:
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Christian Tenschert

Speech Act; Case Management; Process Support

Start: 1.1.2015

Sponsored by:

Tenschert, Johannes Christian ; Lenz, Richard: Supporting Knowledge Work by Speech-Act Based Templates for Micro Processes. In: Reichert, Manfred ; Reijers, Hajo (Ed.) : Business Process Management Workshops (BPM 2015 Innsbruck 31.08.2015). Schweiz : Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp 78-89. (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, No. 256) - ISBN 978-3-319-42886-4
Tenschert, Johannes Christian ; Lenz, Richard: Agora - Speech-Act-Based Adaptive Case Management. In: Azevedo, Leonardo ; Cabanillas, Cristina (Ed.) : Proc. BPM Demo Track 2016 co-located with 14th Int. Conf. on Business Process Management (BPM 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 18. - 22.09.2016). Rio de Janeiro : CEUR-WS.org, 2017, pp 61-66. (CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol. 1789)
Tenschert, Johannes Christian ; Lenz, Richard: Towards Speech-Act-Based Adaptive Case Management. In: IEEE (Ed.) : Proc. 20th Int. Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW Vienna 5. - 9. Sept. 2016). 2016, pp 1-8.
Tenschert, Johannes Christian ; Michelson, Georg ; Lenz, Richard: Towards Speech-Act-Based Compliance. In: IEEE (Ed.) : Proc. 18th Conf. on Business Informatics (CBI 2016 Paris 29.08. - 01.09.2016). 2016.
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