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SCINTRA - Semi-Consistent Integrated Timeoriented Replication Aspect

The SCINTRA-project has started in July, 2001, and focuses on the quantification of temporally differences of data in information systems. Such a situation appears when data are generated and stored in a local data base at different points in time. Combining these data would result in a global view which does not reflect the exact global view at the specified time point. Therefore, it is proposed to store old data. These data are used for processing, if the user accepts a fallback to outdated data. Research in this area includes the quantification of the time differences including the data change rate, the local administration of the data and the quantification of the quality of the selected data.

More in detail the scenario is the following: Various data sources (e.g. sensors) produce data at different points in time and send the data or a collection of data to the information system, where the data are stored in a local data base. The database contains several data from different data sources. Combining these data would result in an acceptable global view, if old data are joined. The problem is the determination of the time point at which the data are selected: On the one hand the time point has to be very close to the current time, on the other hand the time difference between the selected data should be very small.

Project manager:
Dipl.-Inf. Lutz Schlesinger

Project participants:
Sauerborn, Verena; Spiegel, Kerstin; Spiegelhauer, Tilmann

Grid; Replication; Consistency

Duration: 1.7.2001 - 30.9.2004

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Lehner, Wolfgang ; Schlesinger, Lutz ; Sauerborn, Verena: Verknüpfung schwach-konsistenter Datenbankzustände in Grid-organisierten Rechnerstrukturen. In: Datenbank Spektrum 9 (2004), pp 40-47
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