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Integration Repository Manager (iRM)

Integration is one of the biggest challenges in computer science nowadays. Application evolution and schema evolution in database systems are fields where integration takes place. The goal of the iRM project is to investigate the degree to which the utilization of repository systems can contribute to a stable solution.
A prototypical repository system, consisting of two sub-modules, is to built in the frame of the iRM project. The first module called iRM/RMS (Repository Management System) is an OMG MOF based repository system. The following aspects need to be considered: definition of meta-models; Import/Export; use of repositories as user-defined system and application catalogues; Enforcement of consistency across meta-layers and structural constraints.
The second module, called iRM/mSQL provides support for querying MOF repositories in declarative manner. iRM/RMS is an engine for mSQL - an extension of the SQL'99, developed in the iRM project. The goal is to have a declarative query language supporting the additional features a repository system provides (in comparison to a database systems). mSQL provides model independent querying and unified management of data and metadata.
Project manager:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Jablonski

Project participants:
Ilia Petrov, M.Sc.

Repository Systems, Metadata, Meta-modelling, Query Evaluation

Duration: 7.9.2003 - 1.5.2005

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