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i6sdb - stream and data bases

Current database systems process their data in a transactional way. Important data can be saved both persistently and consistently. The success of database systems is based on the concept of transaction, the neutrality of application, and the structured query language SQL. In recent years data transmission became cheaper; so less important and continuously occurring data like server logs, system events and sensor measurements could be transmitted and evaluated by gathering useful aggregated data. This kind of data is often useful, if it is processed realtime.

As the sequence of data has a data scheme similar to tuples of databases, common operators and query languages have been developed for data streams. First data stream management systems (DSMS) have been implemented. The main difference between database processing and data stream processing is the nonexistence of persisted data items. DSMSs save queries instead of data items; the user data is transient.

At the moment two aspects of the research area of data streams are focused. First, properties and requirements are gathered that helps coupling data sources with DSMSs in an elegant and high-performance way. Second, application areas as medicine, SW/HW monitoring etc. are explored.

Project manager:
Prof. i. R. Dr. Klaus Meyer-Wegener

Project participants:
Dr.-Ing. Michael Daum, Dipl.-Inf. Frank Lauterwald

Datenströme; DSMS; Kostenmodelle; Anfrageverarbeitung; Performance

Duration: 1.1.2006 - 31.3.2014

Lauterwald, Frank
E-Mail: frank.lauterwald@fau.de
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