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Foundations of Process Oriented Information Systems in Hospitals and Medical Supply Networks

The focus of the project “Foundations of Process Oriented Information Systems in Hospitals and Medical Supply Networks” is the development of requirements for integrated information systems for the flexible support of department spanning activities in hospitals and medical supply networks. The IT-systems for information processing in healthcare consist of a magnitude of local and autonomous sub-systems located in different institutions and organisational units, which are not capable to reflect the typically department spanning activities in total. On the application layer we pursue the optimization of structural and process quality. Starting points for this can be the organisational adjustment of the medical care process under evidence based criteria, avoiding loss of time and redundant treatment, reducing risk of failure and optimizing the quality of results. On the system layer we focus on process support by the adequate integration of information and knowledge as well as on the appropriate flow support. An important issue is openness as the essential requirement to enable the integration into component frameworks and standards. Further the reliability not only of hard- and software components as well as the introduction of emergency plans for the case of failing components plays an important role. Operational goals are the design of a reference model for process analysis and modelling, the development of generic methods and tools for process analysis and modelling, the development of a reference architecture for process oriented integration of IT-systems and the development of a prototype to deliver a showcase for the interaction of methods and tools.

Within a first project step the processes were analysed and a couple of communication patterns were developed to document important and typical processes within medical supply networks on an appropriate level of abstraction. At the moment the reference architecture for process oriented information systems in healthcare is developed based on the previous process analysis. A prototype will demonstrate the interaction of methods and tools.

Project manager:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Jablonski

Project participants:
Dipl.-Inf. Christian Meiler, Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Kuhn, Dr. Richard Lenz, Dipl.-Inf. Mario Beyer Institut für Medizinische Informatik, FB Medizin und Klinikum, Phillips-Universität Marburg

Process, Healthcare, Reference Model; Architecture

Duration: 1.3.2002 - 28.2.2005

Sponsored by:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

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