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Flexible Concepts for Web Content Management

Nowadays it is obligatory for an enterprise to be present in the world wide web. The effort to keep content and structure of this representation up to date has often been underestimated. Web content management systems have been established as tools for collecting, creating, editing, administering and publishing content to the world wide web.

Flexibility is a key factor for web content management systems. For the achievement of this flexibility the following aspects are of special importance:

  • Separation of structure, content, presentation and business logic.

The separation of structure, content and presentation plays an important role within web content management. This concept is the enabler for reuse and division of labour. In a prototypical implementation of a web content management system we do research on the orthogonal integration of business logic in addition to content, structure and layout.

  • Web content management and Semantic Web

Semantic description is an important prerequisite for efficiently searching und dealing with content. RDF and RDF schema are established standards in this area. Web content management systems have to face the problem of integrating semantic description. In a prototype we evaluate different approaches to achieve this.

  • Flexible process and workflow support

Web content management is a process based on the division of labour involving several groups and roles (e.g. editors, developers and art directors). A content management system has to support publishing processes on several layers. In this project we address different approaches of flexible process support and their application.

Project manager:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Jablonski

Project participants:
Dipl.-Inf. Christian Meiler, Ilia Petrov, M.Sc.

Duration: 1.3.2002 - 28.2.2005

Jablonski, Stefan ; Meiler, Christian ; Petrov, Ilia: Repositories as Integration Enabler for the Web. In: Isias, P. (Ed.) : Proceedings of IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2002 (IADIS Intern. Conf. WWW/Internet 2002 Lissabon, Portugal 2002). 2002, pp 601-606.
Jablonski, Stefan ; Meiler, Christian: Web-Content-Managementsysteme. In: Informatik Spektrum 25 (2002), No. 2, pp 101-119
Jablonski, Stefan ; Meiler, Christian ; Petrov, Ilia: Web-Content-Managementsysteme: Trennung von Struktur, Inhalt, Darstellung und Programmlogik. In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik (2004), No. 235, pp 85-93
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