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DM4DS (Data Management for Data Science)

The growing necessity to immediately react on rising trends and current market developments is a major driving force behind the change in many organisations and businesses. Extensive data analyses are very important for recognizing such developments and enable informed strategic choices.

DM4DS focuses on research of novel data-management methods that provide efficient support for data analyses and the extraction of knowledge from data ("data science"). Among others, approaches to integrate data from different kinds of data sources are investigated. As data from traditional data warehouses can no longer sufficiently support the ever-shortening decision processes, internal data must be related to external data sources more and more frequently. DM4DS aims to improve the adaptability of data-management systems to the expectations and requirements of their users with regard to the integration tasks to be performed.

Project manager:
Prof. Dr. Richard Lenz

Project participants:
Andreas Maximilian Wahl, M. Sc.

Start: 1.6.2014

Wahl, Andreas Maximilian
E-Mail: andreas.wahl@fau.de
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