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COMQUAD - COMponents with QUantitative properties and ADaptivity

The research project COMQUAD (COMponents with QUantitative properties and ADaptivity) started at October 1st, 2001 at the TU Dresden. It deals with the construction of software following a component-oriented approach. In contrast to already existing component models one of its goals comprises the development a model which includes nonfunctional properties of software components beside the well-known functional ones. This novel component model should enable to reason about both quantifiable nonfunctional properties, like framerate of a video transmission or the number of clients allowed to connect concurrently, and more abstract properties such as security aspects. Furthermore, those properties should be guaranteed and the properties of a complex, composite component should be automatically derivable from the ones of the constituent parts. A second important aspect of COMQUAD is the development of sufficient techniques for the dynamic adaptation of components enabling an adaption to changed requirements to the software at runtime; such changes can be caused by the user of the software itself (e.g. a change in user profile) or by the system environment (e.g. a change of available bandwidth for communication). COMQUAD is a joint project involving six different computer science departments; the Department of Computer Science 6 (Database Systems) mainly investigates the issues of mapping and enforcement of requirements to a component. This means, that a component can only serve a request having additional nonfunctional requirements, if the component itself can deduce requirements to components it uses, which are necessary for fulfilling the request and can be guaranteed by the components used. In addition, mechanisms for the automatic determination of nonfunctional properties and the monitoring of such properties are currently being developed.
Project manager:
Prof. i. R. Dr. Klaus Meyer-Wegener

Project participants:
Dipl.-Inf. Marcus Meyerhöfer

Duration: 1.10.2001 - 28.2.2005

Sponsored by:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Meyer-Wegener, Klaus
Phone +49.9131.85.27892, E-Mail: Klaus.Meyer-Wegener@fau.de
Meyerhöfer, Marcus ; Zschaler, Steffen: Explicit Modelling of QoS - Dependencies. In: Jean-Michel Bruel (Ed.) : Qos in CBSE 2003 (Workshop "QoS in CBSE 2003" at ADA Europe 2003 Toulouse, Frankreich 20.06.2003). Toulouse : Cepadues Edition, 2003, pp 57-66.
Aigner, Ronald; Franz, Elke; Göbel, Steffen; Härtig, Hermann; Hußmann, Heinrich; Meißner, Klaus ; Meyer-Wegener, Klaus ; Meyerhöfer, Marcus ; Pfitzmann, Andreas; Pohl, Christoph; Pohlack, Martin; Röttger, Simone; Schill, Alexander; Wehner, Frank; Zschaler, Steffen: Zwischenbericht der DFG-Forschergruppe 428 "Components with Quantitative Properties and Adaptivity" (COMQUAD). Dresden : TU Dresden. 2003 (TUD-Fl03-10). - Internal report. 35 pages
Meyerhöfer, Marcus ; Meyer-Wegener, Klaus: Estimating Non-functional Properties of Component-based Software Based on Resource Consumption. In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS) (2005), No. 114, pp 25-45
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Meyerhöfer, Marcus ; Meyer-Wegener, Klaus ; Suchomski, Maciej: Open and Reconfigurable Multimedia Server Architecture. In: Czeslaw, Danilowicz (Ed.) : Proc. 1st International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems Technology (MMISTech'2004 in conjunction with the 4th National Conference Multimedia and Network Information Systems 2004 (MiSSI '04) Szklarska Poreba, Poland 17.09.2004). Wroclaw, Poland : Oficyna Wydawnizcza Politechniki Wroclawskiej, 2004, pp 213-222. - ISBN 83-7085-808-2
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