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Verbundlabor Hochauflösende Elektronenmikroskopie
Anschrift: Cauerstraße 6, 91058 Erlangen
Fax:09131 85-28602

The purpose of the Central Facility for High Resolution Electron Microscopy is to provide advanced analytical and imaging research methods of high level transmission electron microscopy to users from the university, other institutions and industry. Such a Central Facility makes optimal use of the investment in expensive research instruments. The laboratory offers a broad range of experimental techniques and theory-based evaluation procedures. The support to users comprises also specimen preparation facilities and advice in developing strategies for problem solving with electron microscope techniques.
Users are encouraged to prepare and work on their own. Respective introductory courses that account for the various levels of knowledge are offered for training. This approach is highly favoured, as technical and scientific staff of the Institute of Microcharacterization are rather limited. In any case, the laboratory needs to ask users for compensation in order to supportcost of maintenance and operation.


The Central Facility for High Resolution Electron Microscopy runs no special topic by its own, but co-operates with a large number ofdifferent institutes from within Erlangen university and other universities, research institutions and industry (see "Kooperationsbeziehungen" for some most recent examples).

Forschungsrelevante apparative Ausstattung

  • High Resolution Transmission Electron microscope (Philips CM 300/UT) with TV camera (GATAN) and slow scan charge coupled device camera (Tietz) and 2 double tilt stages
  • Analytical Transmission Electron microscope (Philips CM 30 T/STEM) with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (Oxford Instruments), parallel electron energy loss spectrometer (GATAN 666), TV camera (GATAN 696), slow scan charge coupled device camera (Tietz, GATAN) and 4 double tilt low background stages for analytical work

  • Two attachments (cathodoluminescence and electron beam induced current) are additionally available from the Institute VII: Microcharacterization for use in the analytical transmission electron microscope

  • Off-line digitising equipment with slow scan charge coupled device camera (Tietz)

  • Preparation equipment (cutting, grinding, polishing and thinning of ceramics, metals and semiconductors), in part jointly with the Institute VII: Microcharacterization

  • Photographic laboratory, partly together with the Institute VII: Microcharacterization


There are two possibilities to use the microscopes and other equipment of the Central Facility for High Resolution Electron Microscopy: For exploratory and short-term projects, especially also for orders from industry, generally an operator from the Central Facility operates the microscope and the equipment, because training a member of the respective research group would be inappropriate. Long-term projects require a member from the user group to get aquatinted with the equipment. The Central Facility offers specific introductory courses and further support.

  • Institute of Crystallography and Structural Physics (Faculty of Natural Sciences I, FAU)

  • Institute of Inorganic and General Chemistry (Faculty of Natural Sciences II, FAU): 2 projects (operator from the Central Facility)

  • Institute of Electron Devices (Faculty of Engineering Sciences, FAU): several projects

  • Institute of Chemical Engineering I: Reaction Engineering (Faculty of Engineering Sciences, FAU): several projects (operator from the Central Facility)

  • Institute of Materials Sciences III: Glass and Ceramics (Faculty of Engineering Sciences, FAU)

  • Institute of Materials Sciences VII: Microcharacterization (Faculty of Engineering Sciences, FAU): several projects

  • Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits IIS, Device Technology Department, Erlangen (several projects)

  • Hahn-Meitner-Institute, Berlin: 2 projects (operator from Central Facility)

  • Laboratório de Processos Eletroquímicos e Corrosão, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brasil: 2 projects

  • Osram Regensburg

  • Infineon München

  • Xfab Erfurt

  • Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried

Kommissarische Leitung
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Göken

Laufende und vor kurzem beendete Forschungsprojekte (aus dem Berichtszeitraum 1.1.2018-31.12.2018)

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