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Departments >> Faculty of Engineering >> Department of Electrical-Electronic-Communication Engineering >>
International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (AudioLabs)
Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, Phone +49 9131 85-20500
e-mail: sekretariat@audiolabs-erlangen.de
www: http://www.audiolabs-erlangen.de/
Speaker (AudioLabs-FAU): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herre, Jürgen, Room 3R4.08, Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, ext. 20501, Fax: 20524
Teachers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bäckström, Tom; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edler, Bernd, ext. 20502; Prof. Dr. ir. Habets, Emanuël A. P., ext. 20503; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herre, Jürgen, ext. 20501; Prof. Dr. Müller, Meinard, ext. 20504
Research Coordinator AudioLabs-IIS: Dr. rer. nat. Nagel, Frederik
Coordinator: Dr.-Ing. Turowski, Stefan, ext. 20507
Secretary: Harris, Tracy, tel. 09131 776 6005; Riechmann, Day See, ext. 20550; Weiland, Elke, ext. 20510
Assistants: Dipl.-Ing. Adami, Alexander, ext. 20512; Dr. Arifi-Müller, Vlora, ext. 20530; Dipl.-Ing. Bayer, Stefan; Dr.-Ing. Borß, Christian; Dipl.-Ing. Braun, Sebastian, ext. 20521; Chakrabarty, Soumitro, M. Sc., ext. 20533; Dr.-Ing. Disch, Sascha; Dittmar, Christian, ext. 20538; El Baba, Youssef, M. Sc., tel. 09131 776 6252; Dipl.-Inf. Feichtner, Esther Fee, ext. 20516; Fischer, Johannes, M. Sc., ext. 20526; PhD. Fuchs, Guillaume; Ghido, Florin; Dr.-Ing. Küch, Fabian; Kumar, Ankit, M. Sc., ext. 20534; Dr.-Ing. Kuntz, Achim; Dipl.-Ing. Lombard, Anthony; Dipl.-Ing. Luis Valero, Maria, tel. 09131 776 6023; López-Serrano, Patricio, ext. 20523; Markovic, Goran, M. Sc., tel. 09131 776 6022; Doctor of Science Paulus, Jouni; Ravelli, Emmanuel; Prof. Dr. Sazdov, Robert; Schmidt, Konstantin, tel. 09131 776 6197; Dr.-Ing. Schneider, Martin; Dr.-Ing. Silzle, Andreas; Dipl.-Ing. Stöter, Fabian-Robert, ext. 20518; Taseska, Maja, ext. 20522; Dipl.-Ing. Thiergart, Oliver, tel. 09131 776 6233; Dr.-Ing. Uhle, Christian; Weiß, Christof, ext. 20542; Werner, Nils, M. Sc., ext. 20536; Wild, Moritz, M. Eng.; Dr.-Ing. Wübbolt, Oliver; Zalkow, Frank, M.A., ext. 20519; Zalkow, Julia, M.A., ext. 20511


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