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Multi-scale Simulation Methods I (Lecture) (MuSiM I (L))

Dr. Stefan Sandfeld, Akad. Rat

1 SWS, ECTS-Studium, ECTS-Credits: 1,5
nur Fachstudium, Sprache Englisch
Zeit und Ort: Mo 14:00 - 15:30, 2.018-2 Seminarraum Technikum 2; Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: MuSim 1 T/L will take place at the WW8, Technikum 2 (1.OG), Fürth, starting from Monday, 13. Oct 2014.
ab 13.10.2014

Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen
PF MWT-MA-WSI 1-2 (ECTS-Credits: 1,5)
WPF NT-MA 3 (ECTS-Credits: 1,5)
PF MAP-S-CMP 3 (ECTS-Credits: 1,5)

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches
Prerequisites: basic knowledge of e.g. MATLAB

These lectures provide a broad overview of simulation methods operating on length scales from the atomistic to the continuum scale. Simulation methods introduced include Molecular Dynamics, equilibrium and kinetic Monte Carlo simulation, mesoscopic methods such as e.g. Dislocation Dynamics and the Phase Field method, and continuum-level modeling of materials behavior in Finite Element simulations. The introduction of methods operating on different scales is complemented by a discussion of multiscale approaches, i.e. the linking of models operating on different scales. For most of the tutorials ‘Python’ will be used as programming language, which is very similar to MATLAB and will be introduced in a short course during the first part of the tutorial. This course is accompanied by practicals where the students will have the opportunity to numerically implement ‘one-scale’ models in a hands-on manner. This will be complemented by examples of information passing between different scales and the construction of simple multiscale models.

Credits: 1,5

Zusätzliche Informationen
Schlagwörter: multi scale simulation, monte carlo, phase field method, finite element
Erwartete Teilnehmerzahl: 25, Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 40

Zugeordnete Lehrveranstaltungen
UE: Multi-scale Simulation Methods I (Tutorial)
Dozent/in: Dr. Stefan Sandfeld, Akad. Rat
Zeit und Ort: Mo 14:00 - 15:30, 2.018-1 Besprechungsraum Technikum 2; Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: siehe Bemerkungen zur entsprechenden Vorlesung / please see the comments for the lecture

Verwendung in folgenden UnivIS-Modulen
Startsemester WS 2014/2015:
Foundations of Computational Materials Science (FoCoMatSci)
Kernfach Werkstoffsimulation (COMM)
Werkstoffsimulation (M2/M3) (COMM)
Werkstoffwissenschaftliches Wahlmodul A - WW8 (NanoSim)
Werkstoffwissenschaftliches Wahlmodul B - WW8 (NanoSim)

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