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  Auditory Models

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Edler

2 cred.h, credit: 2/2, ECTS studies, ECTS credits: 2,5, Sprache Englisch
Time and place: Wed 13:00 - 15:00, 3R4.04; comments on time and place: Die Veranstaltung findet im Gebäude des Fraunhofer IIS in Tennenlohe, Am Wolfsmantel 33 statt.

Fields of study
WPF EEI-DH 6-10 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF EEI-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF IuK-DH 6-10 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF IuK-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF SIM-DH 6-10 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF SIM-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF WING-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF WING-DH 6-10 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)

  • Common models of the human auditory system

  • Mechanical models

  • Physiological models

  • Psychoacoustic models

  • Applications (hearing aids, audio coding, …)


  • Understand structure and function of the human auditory system

  • Understand common psychoacoustic phenomena present in human hearing, such as masking, directional and spatial hearing

ECTS information:
Auditory Models

Credits: 2,5

  • Signal and Systems I & II
  • Digital Signal Processing

Additional information
Expected participants: 15, Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 30

Department: International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (AudioLabs)
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